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We are an English friendly salon!

Any Hair Stylist (ヘアスタイリスト フリー指名)
Daisuke Hamaguchi(浜口大介)
<Managing Director>
Mr Hamaguchi is the founder of Hair Salon NALU, Tokyo.
He is responsible for the introducing his distinctive brand of skilled techniques, warm services, and Japanese hospitality from Tokyo to Malaysia and Singapore, through Number76.
Eriko Sunada(砂田恵理子)
男女問わず、再現性の高いカットが得意。 また一児のママさん美容師、いつでも仕事と子育てに一生懸命。 忙しくて、なかなか時間の取れないママさんを応援しています。なんでも相談して下さい。

With 14 years in the industry, for both male and female, Eriko can create easily-maintained styles that can be simply reproduced to its salon results even at home. As a mother, she gives her best to support busy moms in their hectic days from the aspect of style and beauty.

Yoshiatsu Iijima(飯島禎篤)
トレンドを意識しつつも作り込まないナチュラルなスタイルをお客様へ提案します。 特にシルエットと質感にこだわった収まりの良いパーマが得意です。

Yoshi aims to create natural hairstyles that take inspiration from the latest trends with his 12 year of experience at the finest salons of Tokyo. He consults in detail to produce beautifully permed styles with the right volume and texture for the perfect silhouette that complements your features.
Yurina Gomi(五味由理奈)

With 11 years of experience, Yurina is always seen with a smile; ever ready to share her infectious joy with anyone. Inspired by her interest in art, exhibitions, and stage plays, she aims to achieve a perfectly balanced hairstyle for each individual, especially with short and bob styles.

Natsumi Makino(牧野夏美)

<English Speaker Stylist>
With past experiences working in the UK, Natsumi smoothly communicates in English as she skillfully plays with edgy cuts and creative colours. She sets her sights on discovering the best hair style that can bring out every individual’s natural beauty.
Miyu (遠間美絵子)eyebrows specialist

<English Speaker Stylist>
After working for a hairdresser in Tokyo for 19 years, I experienced number 76 in Malaysia for 2 years,and would like to became a hairstylist that makes many people happy. I'm good at in easy-care and light long hairstyle, and Bob's hairstyle, and has receive many contest awards for hair sets & Kimono dressing.
I like cats and my hobbies are cooking, handmade, workout and massage.
Alisa Ogawa(小川有沙)
eyebrows specialost
Manicurist / Chisako (ネイリスト 古川千紗子)

Chisako has been working as a Profesional Nailist for over 13 years in Japan and overseas.
Showing good understanding of her clients with recognised skills and outstanding work.
Chisako is good understanding and communicating in English.
Eyelash specialist / Miku (アイリスト 中川未来)

Becoming an eyelash stylist is a natural decision for Miku as she has always been passionate about the fast-growing beauty industry.
She enjoys helping the guests to be confident and beautiful through the delicate works of the eyelash extensions. The smiles on the guests are the biggest satisfaction for Miku!
Don’t hesitate to seek Miku’s opinions and professional advice on designs that best fit you.