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Stylists can only be appointed for haircuts.
Stylists can only be appointed for haircuts.
I will be at work from March to June .
I am still studying the English language and is still not very proficient at it. However I will do my best! Thank you and I am looking forward to serving you all!
Hello to all my dearest customers, I am here to announce that I will officially slowly resume working after my maternity leave. I would like to thank all my customers who were patient in waiting.

I would be available for reservations from May 22 Wednesday 2024 for only my regular customers. First time customers who wish to book Eri can only do so from June 3rd when I am back fully. Reservations are required to be made at least a day before. Thank you everyone for understanding
Shantene<Only Massage>
Kartii <Only massage & Hair color>