*PLEASE BOOK BY THE HOUR (no starting at 15,30,45 we will ask you to move the time)*
Please arrive few minutes prior to your appointment. If you arrive later than 10mins we may not be able to take you in.
If you need to fix, please call us immediately so we can offer it within a week from the appointment day which is our company policy. Thank you for your understanding.

*Please select "No preference" if this is your first time or you don't have any preferences of your hair stylist.


will be away from March 6 - April 5

*New customers and anyone who has not had an appointment with Rie for over 3 years will be charged an additional $10 for their first time or first time back. Price will be back to regular pricing after the first time.*

**Rie does not accept hair color or perm appointments from new clients, new clients can still make haircut appointments online.


I am a highly experienced hairstylist for both asian and western hair, and have built my career in Canada and Japan, for over 20years.
I will create what suits your lifestyle, taking into consideration of your hair, face, and preferences.


will be away from February 26 - March 19

I work in Metro since 2015.
I offer simple hair care and styling methods.
Let's make a nice style together in a way that suits you. *AYAKA does not take digital perm appointments.


I specialize in Layered cuts and Perms. Looking forward to seeing you.

出身 Gifu 岐阜県
趣味 shopping 古着屋めぐり
Trip , watching anime (ONE PIECE)

From: Gifu
Hobbies: Thrift Shopping, Travelling, Watching Anime (ONE PIECE)

*Nancy does not take Airwave Perm Appointments


I use to work for hair salons in Japan and Australia.
Could you tell me about yourself, your needs.
I'm looking forward to seeing you soon:)
*Akane does not take Airwave Perm Appointments.



Working Friday and Saturdays

Instagram @mako__michael



Please choose Mine as stylist if you are booking for Science Aqua Treatment. (Mine is the only stylist offering this treatment)


First, please visit my IG for your reference.
You will know what I do:)

Currently accepting new clients.
I’m a specialized haircut, and bleach & tone. Such as Balayage highlights etc.
I do take make-up clients. (Natural, for photo shooting or party)

※ For New clients who would like to get bleach and tone, I may postpone to the next time for bleach & tone due to the condition of your hair. I can still provide a haircut only on the original appointment date.

I’m a mom of 3yol twins since parenting as a solo most of the time, I have to take action flexibly, so my salon schedule is random. I don't take clients on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays). Please check my schedule on the website.

こんにちは/お久しぶりです! Cocoです。
まず先に参考までに私のInstagramをチェックしてください:) どんなことをしてるかわかると思います。 @coco.lani.hair


※ ブリーチとトーンを希望する新規のお客様は、髪の状態により次回に延期させていただくことがあります。 最初の予約日にカットのみすることはできます。

私は3歳の双子の母親で、育児を一人ですることがほとんどなので、柔軟に行動しなければならないため、サロンのスケジュールはランダムです。 私は週末(土曜日と日曜日)はお客様の予約は取りません。 ホームページで私のスケジュールを確認してください。


Previously worked in Osaka, Tokyo, and Fukuoka to fit everyone's needs.
I specialize in hair cut that fit your bone structure, and also specialize in recreating styles from reference photos.
If you can bring a photo of the style you like, I can create a style that is similar to the photo that also fits your features.
Please let me know if there are any concerns, we can create a style together.

Hobby: find good food, travel, Manga, Sneakers
From: Fukuoka



No preference(For the customer who doesn't have any preferred hairstylists)

Please select this option if this is your first time, or you would like to prioritize the schedule over preferred hairstylists.