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Hair stylist


I've worked at two famous hair salons in Tokyo, Japan and now am working at Misako Hair Studio in Vancouver, Canada. Providing a wide range of styles, I'm especially skilled at slide cuts that makes Asian hair looks like Westerners. Also my coloring skills such as balayage and highlights are so popular. Making use of my senses and techniques I've learned at popular hair salons in Japan, I'm proud of such excellent styles I provide. To help customers take good care of their hair, I also give various advice.

東京都内有名店2店で経験を積み初海外進出バンクーバーにてMisako Hair Studioに参加。ナチュラルからコンサバティブまで幅広いスタイルを得意とし、特にアジアンヘアを欧米人のような質感を可能にしたスライドカットを武器とし、バレイヤージュ、ハイライトなどのカラーリングも人気。ビッグサロンで学んだ数多い感覚や技術を生かし良いスタイルをお客様に提供させて頂きます。丁寧なカウンセリング、セルフスタイリングのレクチャーなどもしっかりさせて頂きます!

出身 東京


Providing a hairstyle that suits each customer, I'm especially skilled at natural haircuts and colouring. Since I myself have many problems with my hair, I'd like to give good consultations to help you feel happy with your hair. I enjoy working with my customers. To offer you such wonderful hairstyles and advice, I'm continuing to learn about hair and beauty.


出身 香川


I have been working as a hair stylist for 13 years. I have experience as a makeup artist for hair shows and fashion shows. I am also a certified head massage therapist. I can give you advice on makeup, hair and scalp problems!


出身 兵庫県 Hyogo Kobe city
趣味 Camping Snow boarding


I believe hair salons should be a place where all my clients can feel relaxed.
Share your vision with me and we can create the style tailored to you together.
Specializes in natural styles and perms.


出身 愛知
趣味 camping, hiking, cycling


With 15+ years of experience, I’ve developed my skills in Japan, Vancouver, and Silicon Valley. I’ve held a variety of positions at Misako since 2014 including Senior Stylist, Store Manager (metrotown location) and now I’m proud to be the General manager of the company. Utilizing my extensive experience, my goal is to make sure that every customer feels great and confident because of their hair! I am able to expertly perform all techniques offered, including highlights, Japanese straightening, and all perms. I look forward to meeting you and finding a style you love!

日本カナダ合わせて15年以上美容師をさせていただきました。Misako’s には2014年からお店で働かせていただいていて、シニアスタイリスト、メトロタウン店ではマネージャーの経験を経てこの度ジェネラルマネージャーとしてお仕事させて頂いてます。お客様と一緒にスタイルや再現できるデザインを考えてその方にあったヘアスタイルを提供させて頂くことを心がけてます。皆様にお会い出来るのを心より楽しみにしております。


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