Single lashes 160/シングルラッシュ160本
Eyelash specialist / Miku (アイリスト 中川未来)
2020/12/11 19:13
Michelle Nguyen
その他 / Overall Experience
I always enjoy having my lashes done here, Miku San always consults based on my face shape, and I've tried classic lashes and cat eye lashes here. Whenever I see lashes on other people I really like the look but, I'm always hesitant on how it would look on me because what looks good on others sometimes doesn't look good on yourself. But, after discussing the style of lashes I would like, Miku san always does a great job delivering. The service is impeccable and she makes you feel really comfortable during the whole process.
Color / カラーのみ
Yurina Gomi(五味由理奈)
2020/08/25 08:53
Mélanie L.
おすすめスタッフ / My Favorite Stylist
I have been coming to the salon for a year already, always in the care of Yulina-san. She is a very kind and skilled hair stylist, and I went through a few hair color with her, which always looked very elegant and on point! She always goes the extra mile to give you good advices on colouring and treatment for your hair! She is very professional and attentive!
Color, Treatment / カラー+トリートメント
2020/06/23 17:55
グンタ バシリキ
その他 / Overall Experience
Cut, Digital Perm / カット+デジタルパーマ
2020/05/07 12:49
LoNero Tania
その他 / Overall Experience
I love Nalu’s!!!
Natsumi Makino(牧野夏美)
Thank you so much!!
2021/02/14 18:34
Cut, Treatment / カット+トリートメント
Natsumi Makino(牧野夏美)
2020/02/29 11:23
Lizzie Edwards
その他 / Overall Experience
This was the best salon I have ever been to in my life. The staff was super friendly, understanding and my hair feel super great. I wish I had something like this when I get home, if you are in Tokyo Japan I recommend coming here even for just a hair treatment. Thank you so much to Natsumi!
Natsumi Makino(牧野夏美)
Thank you so much for good review!!
And also thank you so much for coming!!
I will waiting for you next time ;)
2021/02/14 18:33
Straightening / ストレートパーマ
Natsumi Makino(牧野夏美)
2019/09/25 20:39
Valentina Floegel
その他 / Overall Experience
Best service for frizzy hair. Best salon in Tokyo!
Natsumi Makino(牧野夏美)
I'm so happy to here that !!
Thank you so much!!
2021/02/14 18:30
Cut, Bleach, Color / カット+ブリーチカラー
Natsumi Makino(牧野夏美)
2019/04/22 13:38
Vanessa Curtidor
その他 / Overall Experience
She was wonderful. Would definitely recommend =]
Natsumi Makino(牧野夏美)
Thank you so much for coming every time ;)
2021/02/14 18:29